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Monday, May 31, 2010

BP Versus Jaws

via [WTC]

Sex and the City 2 Co-star to wed corpse of Chris Penn.

 People magazine is reporting that SATC 2 co-star Cynthia Nixon is engaged to wed to the embalmed corpse of actor Christopher Penn who died in 2006 in a “Weekend at Bernie’s” themed ceremony.
Update: My intern has just informed me that Nixon’s fiancé is not the embalmed corpse of Chris Penn but a live woman named Christine Marinoni. My bad.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson sex tape revealed, 1% of world yawns, other 99% say “Who?”

kendra I guess that after you’ve been dumped by an octogenarian and realize your husband’s NFL career is on the downside all that’s left is for those tapes you made with an old boyfriend to “mysteriously appear”. She might as well cash in now so she can get some larger implants and keep her career going for another year or two.

Walk on highway, get hit by car, profit?

So, who takes directions from Google without questioning if it’s a good idea to walk on a state highway? Apparently Lauren Rosenberg, she’s suing Google for $100,000 because Google maps “told” her walk on the highway and she got hit by a car. I’m guessing that if someone had told her to “go play in traffic” when she was kid she wouldn’t be here today. File this story under “Darwin”.


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