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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

O Bernie, Where Art Thou?

image                                                  The Milwaukee Brewers ran a “Where’s Bernie?” promotion that involved placing some 1,400 plastic Bernie Brewer lawn gnomes in public parks for fans to find. Can you guess what happened? Here’s a hint:
Yes, people were “sneaking” into parks and snagging all of the plastic gnomes before the promo officially started and putting them on eBay. A few of the bolder “collectors” were following Brewers’ employees around picking the gnomes up as soon as they were set down. A few of the hoarded gnomes were pulling bids of $200+ on eBay despite the fact that the Brewers were selling them at Miller Park for ~$50. One woman in particular claimed on her Twitter feed to have snagged dozens. Of course judging by this Facebook page she probably should have kept her mouth shut.
Stay classy Milwaukee!
Additional Coverage:
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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