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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joran van der Sloot, Not Exactly Doing Hard Time…

Van der Sloot in Peru
Clicky click the pic for the HuffPo coverage
Since it seems to be true crime day here at eMike and stats are showing a renewed interest in some of my earlier posts on Joran van der Sloot perhaps an update is order. Joran has a Peruvian girlfriend who brings him candy (which he sells to other inmates) and does “chores” around his cell. Apparently one of the chores she performed was allowing van der Sloot to impregnate her.
What is with these women that are obsessed with famous killers? van der Sloot is awaiting trial for one murder and strongly suspected in a second and she thinks it’s a good idea to have his baby? And while I’m on the subject, if this is what passes for “maximum security” in Peru what’s a minimum security Peruvian  prison like? Pole dancers and a champagne room?

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