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Friday, July 15, 2011

What’s Obama Tweeting?

Obama Twitter

So, is running another of its photo captioning contests (you don’t actually win anything) and they pose an excellent question: “What is Obama tweeting?” Here are some of my guesses:

Where's my budget @Boehner? Does @Barry have to choke a bitch? #pimphand

@anncoulter you didn't *have* to drink all those jager bombs. #score

@joebiden Yes, it looks infected stop tweeting pictures. #whitefolkarecrazy

I'm Kenyan from the waist down #getsome

Going to coast 2 an easy win in '12. thnx @MicheleBachmann #Republicant

@MicheleBachmann is yur husband gay? Sounds like it to me LOL! #fabulous #larrycraig

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