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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It’s Official, Tommy Hilfiger’s Son “Rich Hil” Is The Worst. Rapper. Ever.

Tommy Hilfiger's son Richard “Rich Hil” Hilfiger is the worst rapper ever. How bad is “Rich Hil”? So bad he makes Tom Hanks’ rapping son “Chet Haze” look like Eminem. Rich Hil considers himself to be the best rapper to rise from “mean” streets of Greenwich Connecticut (one of the richest communities in America, average home price $1.7 million) and when he’s not mowing down suburban MCs like his gardener mows down grass Rich Hil can be found getting tattoos and chillin’ at the multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment his daddy bought him. Finally, ICP has somebody to point their fingers and laugh at.


  1. i hate him for the money his dad has... but as a rapper he aint bad.....

  2. If it weren't for his dad's money you never would have heard him rap. And that would probably be a good thing...

  3. dude is an awful rapper, whoever says he is is a fucking dumbass ^^^


  4. thanks for this I cant stand this stupid douche




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