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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crazy Criminal Quote Of The Week: "I loved her more than I loved my wife, I was having more sex with the dog than with my wife."

Bad Billydo-not-want

Meet Billy Joe Harris the accused “Twilight Rapist” currently on trial in Texas. Billy claims to have issues, among them are supposedly five distinct personalities. But that’s not the “interesting” part, not by a longshot. Billy apparently has a long, intimate history with animals. Some “highlights” from Billy’s testimony:

Harris said he was made to put on a dress and makeup at age 13 and take part in a threesome with his music teacher and a dog…

Harris claims he killed chickens while masturbating, had sex with a female Shetland pony and had two canine lovers - Fina, a doberman pincher and Lady, a rottweiler.

And our quote of the week: "I loved her [Fina the Doberman] more than I loved my wife," he said. "I was having more sex with the dog than with my wife."

Oh, and there’s space aliens…can you guess if he’s pleading insanity or not?

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