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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ohio Woman Was Married To Her Father For Several Years, West Virginia Jealous.


Valerie Spruill

Ohio woman Valerie Spruill was married for several years to man that she later found out was her father. Spruill, who lives in Doylestown, Ohio, says other members of her family knew the dark secret long before the news was revealed to her. Nice.

Apparently Spruill had been given up at 3 months of age to her grandparents by her then prostitute mother who Valerie thought was a family friend. Fortunately Valerie and her father had no children. Her uncle revealed the secret to her after her husband/father’s death and confirmed by a DNA test taken from the late husband/father’s hairbrush.

When asked to estimate how many people know about this, she laughs and says, “Half of Akron.” That’s a hell of a family you’ve got there Valerie.

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