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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goodenough Not Good Enough To Get Away With Stabbing Landlord 55 Times

Never, ever tell this man you love him. Trust me on this,
Meet Alexander Goodenough of Milwaukee. Goodenough is on trial for stabbing Kenneth C. Johnson 55 times. During the course of an argument over prostitution and “deviant” sexual acts Goodenough told officials Johnson said “I love you” to Goodenough, and that’s when Goodenough stabbed Johnson in the back of the neck. Goodenough’s lawyer contends that her client accidentally stabbed Johnson in the throat and that he just happened to be wearing rubber gloves at the time. As for the other 54 stab wounds, well, that was self-defense. Goodenough was so shocked by what had happened he ditched the knife and gloves, stole $150 from Johnson’s room and went to a motel to do heroin with his girlfriend and her mother. Because that’s what you do when you’re in shock from “accidentally” stabbing your friend fifty-five times.

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